Hi, I’m Samantha!

Thank you for stopping by and joining me on this journey. I am excited to share all my art, crafts, DIY projects and decorating ideas with you.

If I could describe my style in one word it would hands down be bohemian. Not only do I swoon over all things fringed, feathered, colorful, and unconventional, but I am not one for conforming or playing it safe either. I’m a little over the top, and thrive on pushing the envelope and taking on a challenge. I’m a fast paced, jump on the train and ride kind of a gal and rarely look before I leap. I’m absorbed in creating my own special world right here at home and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I am blessed to have an amazing husband, 5 wonderful children, and our sweet puppy Esther.¬† I dream of moving this brood of mine out to the country to start our own homestead one day, but for now I’m happy to keep on keeping on right where I am. ¬†Amist the chaos and frenzy of day to day life I am thankful to know I have a solid foundation in my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. He keeps me grounded, lest I should fall and carries these free flying wings of mine over the mountains and through the valleys like no one else ever could. Praise the Lord I am saved! How about you?